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Chapter 8

  • *Anitha Pov*
  • "You can tell us the truth, Anny. Did you really get engaged?" One of the crew members who are right now applying my makeup asked in a whisper.
  • That question didn't stop from reaching my ears even though it's been like two weeks since I returned from India. I don't know what to even tell them anymore.
  • "I think it's true. You guys remember her saying she has a crush on someone and is in the process of trying to come out of it? I think it's the same person but she failed to come out of it and ended up being engaged." I smiled listening to that answer from my side by one of my friends with whom I have a shoot for the next week.
  • "It's him?" she asked after asking me to open my eyes and I nodded opening them to stare at her shocked look.
  • "You are still young. Is this why you accepted the offer from India by leaving us like this?" she mumbled.
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