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Chapter 41

  • *Prathap Pov*
  • “This is what you mean by staying beside you?” I asked looking at her and she nodded arranging the blanket as if it is a natural thing to do right now.
  • I turned to look at the bed… beds actually as she just separated the beds leaving a lot of space between them.
  • When she walked away to her room after finishing lunch, I expected her to be asleep by the time I come here as a way of removing the awkwardness she must be feeling with this.
  • I know the moment she asked me to be there beside her, she regretted it but I am shameless enough to ignore that fact and take a chance.
  • What I didn’t expect was this when I enter her room. She sat down on the bed before laying down and closed her eyes while I continued to stand near the foot of her part of the bed.
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