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Chapter 23

  • *Anitha Pov*
  • "Thank god! You are here on time. Why did you switch off your phone the day before yesterday and even sent that cryptic message saying that you will contact me first if you need anything and to not disturb you." Keerthi asked while I sat on the chair to get my make-up done before changing my attire for the first shooting.
  • "What happened?" She continued frowning and I sighed gesturing the artist to start doing her work.
  • "Anitha!" She used my real name instead of the stage name and I finally shifted my eyes to look at her.
  • "What happened? I was this inch away from getting seduced by..." she covered my mouth with her hand before I can continue and gave the artist an awkward laugh.
  • "Dear! Why don't you check her outfits once to have a more clear idea about how her make-up should compliment?" She asked smiling at her and the artist slowly nodded before walking towards the other side of the room to check the outfits.
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