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Chapter 21

  • *Anitha Pov*
  • "No!" I wish I can open my eyes right now to give her a weird look with the way she didn't even pause before giving me that answer.
  • "Why? Why are you so against it? I am talking about it from yesterday." I pointed out and now had to keep quiet as they started applying the lipstick after finishing the eyebrow makeup.
  • "This is not the place for us to have this discussion. First, finish this streaming, and let's go back to your place." She ordered and I can hear her stepping out of the Prathap's cabin which he gave us so that I can get a bit ready for the live we are going to do for the dishes his chef is going to prepare.
  • "Done! What are you both discussing?" My makeup artist whom Mr. Vikranth appointed strictly for me asked.
  • I glanced at her after opening my eyes and kept quiet as I am still not close to her and getting to know her slowly for now even though she worked for me a few times in the past for the events in India.
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