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Chapter 15

  • *Anitha Pov*
  • I opened my eyes not because I don't want to sleep for a bit more but because of the biological clock that got adjusted and also I need to go back to the hotel this early to not get caught.
  • I turned around on the bed to face him with a smile even though feeling uncomfortable to be wearing the same clothes from the morning instead of nightclothes.
  • Somehow, we managed to finish the food and return to his flat but when he asked me to sleep on the bed while he will sleep on the couch which can be just called as extended chair, I asked him to just lie down on the bed.
  • It was big enough to leave the space and he slept off at the corner of the bed and I did the same. It can be a bit weird as we already kissed then why are we so awkward to each other.
  • But I know he doesn't like me or anything and that kiss just happened. I wish we kissed when he actually likes me and a bit disappointed but still I am happy with this too.
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