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Chapter 12

  • *Prathap Pov*
  • I leaned back after watching the whole video and couldn't believe I forgot the advertisement I was a part of it but it was because of Vikranth as he just let me know the video will be used and I ignored it realizing there is no problem if it is done.
  • But what I didn't expect is the feeling I am experiencing right now after observing her expressions rather than the whole thing.
  • Why? Why does that look feel so unfamiliar? It's as if I never saw someone looking at other people like that and definitely not directed towards me.
  • I shifted my hand away from the mouse before rubbing my forehead with it. Why am I even thinking so much about it?
  • However, I don't think I will forget this until I get some kind of explanation regarding this if I think about yesterday night how I couldn't sleep while thinking about it.
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