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Chapter 03

  • Susie landed on her back with her legs spread wide apart and her breathing more ragged and shallow than ever. Her eyes were fixed on him as he tore off his clothes in record time and she couldn't help but lick her lips involuntarily at the sight of his waving manhood, erect as a pole and ready to drill deep into her.
  • "Oh!", she gasped and her waist shot off the bed as Ben's mouth suddenly invaded her throbbing pussy. She threw her legs on his back and began to hump his face steadily, her mouth frozen in an "O" and her mind totally concentrated on what he was doing to her.
  • Ben was merciless. He never sucked her pussy with hesitation; he did it with absolute confidence, his tongue flying in every direction, lapping up every drop of her juices, chewing and pulling on her pussy lips, licking in and out of her throbbing hole and finally flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue.
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