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Chapter 50 Together?

  • For the next 3 hours I smile, pose and let wind machines blow me on. But I have to say it's worth it, the pictures that Nancy then gave us turned out really very good and I order a book with almost all of the photos and the pictures of the entire photo session on DVD. For that I am happy to pay a little more.
  • Then we have a bite to eat at a snack and then, unfortunately, Ava has to go home again because Liv wants to be breastfed again in the evening.
  • "You will report immediately if something is wrong ?!" Ava hugs me tightly.
  • "I promise." I kiss her cheek and she gets into her car.
  • "Thanks Ava." I smile at her as I close the car door behind her.
  • She rolls down the window and gives me a bright smile. "You're welcome." She sends me an air kiss "I love you, Sammy!"
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