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Chapter 41 Jake

  • "Thank you all for coming to say goodbye to my dad." I start and my voice sounds lost. I dare to look up briefly and my gaze meets Taylor's sad one. Immediately the first tears begin to run and I bravely wipe them away. “My dad was one of the most important people in my life, without him me and Ava wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be who we are today. We owe him so much. "I sob softly" I don't know what else to say ... "I bite my lower lip" My dad was such a wonderful person, a loving father to me and Ava and a wonderful grandfather to Liv , a sincere and honest citizen of our community. His death is a painful loss and I am grateful to have Ava and Matt by my side to make it through this. The thought that he is finally reunited with our mum is a small ray of light in the black night that surrounds me at the moment. Thank you for all of you here to say goodbye to a wonderful, honest, sincere and loving person. Bye Daddy. “I fold my note up again. Matt jumps up and supports me on the way to my seat, then goes back and says a few words too.
  • But I cannot concentrate on his words because I only hear the rush of blood in my ears. Only when Ava grabs my arm tightly do I look up.
  • "... I have promised Bryan to always take care of Ava, Liv and Sam, I will do everything in my power to keep this promise and make him proud of me. We miss it and leave a space that cannot be filled. Rest in peace Bryan. “He comes back to us and I try to contain my tears somehow.
  • Then the coffin is carried outside and Ava and I follow first. We come to the cemetery and I stare into this hole in the earth.
  • Should my dad go in there now?
  • The pastor says a few more words and we pray our Father, then the coffin is lowered into the earth and Ava steps forward and takes the little shovel and puts a shovel with earth into the hole before a white rose is in Grave throws.
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