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Chapter 37 Old wounds, New Life

  • She takes that I don't say anything and claps her hands enthusiastically "The party service comes at 5 pm, we expect you at 8 pm." She presses a kiss on my cheek and disappears as quickly as she came.
  • To be honest, I don't feel like partying, but I know if I don't show up, Aimee will come and pick me up in person. So I can go there voluntarily, maybe it will be nice.
  • I continue my beauty program and don't part with my bathrobe until the late afternoon. After my hair is done and my head is adorned with a very decent updo, I go looking for something to wear.
  • It is slowly becoming a bit difficult and I plan to go shopping, because I will probably not be able to avoid putting on some maternity clothes for a long time. I find a wrap dress in a dark purple and after it doesn't even look that bad, I put on some make-up and am amazed to find that it is about 8 p.m. I decide to wear my black high boots with the dress and take a blazer with me. Better safe than sorry, and Ian shines as he opens the door for me.
  • "Is that nice to see you." He takes me in his arms "And wow, you really don't hide anything in that dress." He puts his hand on my stomach.
  • "I don't have to." I grin and follow him into the living room. Small party?
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