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Chapter 36 Bleeding heart

  • “I miss Sandycove too, but I have to look ahead. I can't live a life without really living. ”I shrug my shoulders, I look at my watch and look at Carl apologetically. "I really have to go now, I'm going back to Galway in a moment, I have to work tomorrow."
  • "Will you bring a little more time with you next time?" Carl stands up and offers me his hand.
  • "I'll try." I reply rather half-heartedly and he accompanies me to the door.
  • With his help I slip into my jacket and hold him tightly in my arms.
  • "You're a lousy liar," he says quietly and I look at him in surprise. "You are not happy."
  • "Maybe, but it's the right thing." I kiss him on the cheek.
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