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Chapter 32 Scream

  • “Now you eat your pasta first and then we just try it. Okay? ”She encourages me and I try my pasta.
  • It's good, but nowhere near as good that I would choose this bistro as my favorite place. Even so, under Eileen's watchful eyes, I almost finish eating and lean back.
  • “Another glass of red wine.” She orders from the waiter as he clears our plates.
  • "If you really want to hear my story, then you will need a bottle and not just a glass." I state factually and the waiter looks at me.
  • "All right, a bottle of Bordeaux for me and a bottle of still lemon water for my lovely companion." She looks at the waiter and he nods to her.
  • “How do you get home?” I look at her admonishingly.
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