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Chapter 11 My Star In Dark

  • Which animals are you talking about?” I ask, still looking excitedly at the television.
  • "Nothing in particular, just about Antarctica." He puts his arm around me and I snuggle up to him a little.
  • We watch the show to the end, then Carl looks at me for a long time, breathes a kiss on my forehead and gets up.
  • "We should go to bed." He stretches and I nod in agreement.
  • "I'm tidying up." I collect the glasses while Carl and Taylor go upstairs, then turn on the dishwasher and quietly go up the stairs.
  • I go to my room, get my washcloths and a loose T-shirt before I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I step back into the hallway and before I reach my room Taylor's door opens and he pulls me into his room.
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