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Chapter 2 Aurora's Pov Continues

  • On a Friday night, you will find a sixty year old man here, watching Rumor dance seductively as he shamelessly jerks off to the sight.
  • Some of them even engage in orgies and private sex acts, while others prefer to watch. I prefer to watch but the client's prefer to fuck me, if not, they want to watch me engage in the sex act but my act has less sex and more torture, people pay a lot to watch my act, and why not? It's a work of art if you ask me, I enjoy it more than the pole dancing, interpretative dance, and seductive lap dances I do on stage. My sex acts leave people speechless every time and me? They leave me content.
  • Scanning the room for my next victim, I grip onto the pole and hook my arms around it, losing myself in the music as I dance, men and women eye fucking me everywhere I look. A smile spreads across my lips as I spread my legs, my arms enclosed around the pole as I show these men just how flexible I am. Getting their hopes high with every move I make, staring at the crowd innocently as I scout for my next playmate. The song is almost coming to an end, I have a sexy dance with the next song, I can pick my victim then.
  • I twirl on the pole before sliding off completely, my heels almost breaking. I make my way to Cinnamon and circle her like a hunter does his prey, but of course- we rehearsed this.
  • My signature song is replaced with another, I offer my hand to Cinnamon and she grins, cheers and echoes fills the room.
  • When I have her hand in mine, I pull her close to me, placing my leg in between her thighs and I lick her face while she pretends to be shocked.
  • I look back at the cheering horny men and women watching me with awe as I turn back to Cinnamon and she winks, I brush my lips over hers and she shivers. I part her lips with my tongue and kiss her slowly, picking up pace when the crowd goes wild. Cinnamon feels like pudding in my arms, she's relaxed and kissing me harder than I kiss her, our tongues evoking a war inside our mouths.
  • It's like she was waiting for this to happen, she's enjoying just as much as me, a moan escapes me and Cinnamon swallows it, making the crowd cheer even louder.
  • Cinnamon's hips are grinding on my leg, her panties are more than soaked. I trail my fingers on her back as we break our kiss, I cast my eyes down and she does too. We both stick a finger in each other's panties and run them down our slits, getting our arousal to give to some men in the crowd. Cinnamon is wet, I love that I make both gay and straight men hard as well as gay and straight women wet.
  • I should just slide my fingers through her slit and take my hand out but being the minx I am, I caress her aching clit by collecting her arousal on my fingers making her release a loud moan. I take my fingers out and she scowls at me.
  • What? I did it for the client's.
  • Cinnamon slides her fingers over my slit once more before taking them out, my arousal coating them. This is why I got drunk, I always get wet when I'm drunk and looking at how glistened Cinnamon's fingers are, I'm fairly wet, not more than she is but just enough.
  • I bring my fingers to my mouth but halt, I'm not tasting her off my fingers, this is for some desperate fucker to taste. I look to the crowd, my other hand on my hip as I look around, searching for a man to turn bankrupt tonight but my eyes fall on a ghost from my past, I think I've had too much to drink. I drop the hand on my waist staring at him. He looks just as good as I always visualise him but taller, his blue eyes piercing through my soul as he stares at me with a blank expression.
  • I walk off the stage, my eyes glued on the man my imagination has conjured up tonight. I tease the men with open mouths, dying to taste Cinnamon off my fingers. I continue to move forward, until I see this desperate fool that has been bugging me for weeks to let him engage in a sex act with me. He is sitting next to my imaginary lover, who watches me fascination as I move, he looks better than his pictures. Most days I picture him bare chested but tonight, he is dressed in a black Armani suit, two buttons on his white shirt undone.
  • I smile at him and wink at the man beside him, he's hot but I wouldn't enjoy playing with him or the other way round, something about him tells me he's not like our regular client's. When he first began to come here, he wore a blue band but the next week, he wore a green one with a white line across it showing he is a member and willing to participate in everything.
  • I quickly turn away and give a random man my fingers to suck. I look at him sucking on my fingers and grin, my eyes darting all over the room to catch everyone's reaction.
  • My eye found my imagined lover once again, clenching his jaw hard, so hard it looked almost painful, he always did that when he was upset. I pout at the sight as he stares at me with silver eyes, that have my blood running cold like his stare. His gaze feels cold, too cold to be a product of my ingenuity.
  • I blink, opening my eyes to see if he disappeared and reappeared elsewhere but no, he's still in the same spot, the annoying man that bugs me every night I'm here leaning into his ear to whisper something.
  • Fuck.
  • Caelum.
  • I'm not imagining him, he's here.
  • He is sitting ten feet away from me.
  • Every encounter I've had with him starts replaying in my mind, from the day we met, the day he said he loved me, the day I surrendered myself to him and the last time we saw each other. Seeing him here not because I imagined him is astonishing but my facial expression remains unchanged, a playful simile across my lips and my eyes still eye fucking his gaze.
  • God I feel sober right now.
  • I feel teeth on my fingers.
  • Fuck, this bastard is gnawing on my fingers!
  • I tear my gaze away from Caelum, dropping it to the man sucking my fingers hungrily. I pull them out and place my hand on his shoulder, wiping them off in a manner no one can suspect. I offer him my hand and take him up on stage with me. I nod to one of the bouncers to give me a chair that I shove him into.
  • The crowd cheers my name and I turn back to look at Caelum as I walk away from the man. Cinnamon takes over and straddles him, ready to give him what will be the best lap dance of his life.
  • The other five girls step forward, three gripping the dancing poles and two standing beside me. I've lost track of how many songs I've wasted tonight, trying to pick someone to play with later, in the room. The girls and I begin to dance, our final performance for tonight before the next group comes.
  • I stick my tongue out and wink at the audience before resting my eyes on the figment of my imagination that has come to life. He brings his glass to his mouth as I fondle with my boobs for three seconds, even though he is watching me intensely. The sound of my heart thumping is drowned out by the loud music. Everyone and everything fades to nothing but him and I as I dance, no longer feeling the music but following the routine to a T.