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Chapter 2

  • Two weeks ago
  • The past two weeks have been the happiest days of my life. Waking up each day to behold my handsome husband sleeping next to me on the bed while having his arm around my waist has been the best feeling so far. If only every woman out there is lucky to have a replica of Alex as their husband, then no one would suffer the pain some women do suffer in marriage. Alex is perfect for me, and the best man in the world.
  • It's Sunday today, and we're going on a trip to Paris for our honeymoon. I can't wait to get there and explore there with my beloved husband. I have never been out of New York before, so this is going to be my first trip out of here. How was I supposed to afford a trip out of the country when I could barely feed myself, let alone take care of my upkeep?
  • "Come on, honey, let's go already. You wouldn't want us to miss our flight, right?" Alex yells from outside for the umpteenth time, and I chuckle softly. He has been ready for almost thirty minutes now, and here I am, still struggling with my hair. I am not to be blamed. Women's things.
  • Stepping out of the room after I'm done dressing up, I meet him waiting for me along the hallway, with our bags beside him. We're only going to be away for a week or two, I wonder why he insisted that we take so many clothes with us.
  • "Wow! You look extremely gorgeous. You have stolen everything from me, Wendy. My heart, my soul, my surname. What's there to steal again, huh?" He pulls me to himself and hushes against my lips as he plants kisses on them. Oh gosh? He always has his way of making me blush. His compliments always melt my heart.
  • "Maybe I'll steal you eventually and produce juniors of you later," I wink at him, and he chuckles softly.
  • "Now, you're flirting with me," He rolls his eyes sarcastically.
  • "You started it first, you know," I chuckle softly.
  • "Come on, love. Let's get going already. We'll settle this when we get to our destination. I dare you to try this later when we're over there and inside the room. I'm going to make you scream my name all night," He winks at me, and I feel my abdomen twitches in excitement. Loving your woman is different, and making her feel wanted is another feeling on its own. Alex makes me feel wanted every time, and I love that about him.
  • We both walk down the hallway minutes later with him pushing the bag effortlessly behind him, while holding my hand tightly like I would vanish if he don't.
  • The drive to the airport is long, yet relaxing since I have him by my side to keep me busy with his continuous gists. Alex always has something to talk about whenever he's with me. I haven't seen him talk to other people often, but he's always free with me and always wants to start a conversation when we're together. He's not a boring husband.
  • Arriving at the airport minutes later, we wait for our flight which took less than thirty minutes before we board the plane and it takes off afterward.
  • Being on a plane for the first time feels so good and wonderful, and I think it's more beautiful and amazing as I have my husband here with me.
  • The flight to Paris took us seven hours and a few minutes, leaving New York by 10am, we arrive at Paris international airport at 5:30pm. Paris is a beautiful place to behold.
  • We arrive at the mansion where we'll be living for the next two weeks. The house is almost as big as his house back in New York. I don't know if he owns this one too, but I don't think it'll be necessary to ask him that.
  • We spend the rest of the day resting since we both are tired from the trip.
  • Next day...
  • The aroma of pasta fills my nostrils as I open my eyes and the white ceiling welcomes me. Recalling that I have the best man in the world in my life, I can't help the smile that creeps up my lips. Don't blame me for thinking about him every time. He's worth it.
  • Standing up from the bed, I drag my feet into the bathroom and wash my face before I head to the kitchen where the aroma is still coming from. Seeing Alex cooking like the gentleman he is, I walk over to him and hug him from the back, resting my head on his back.
  • "Good morning my queen. Did you sleep well?" His sexy voice soothes my ears.
  • "Hmm. Did you sleep well?" I ask him, and he turns around to face me. My heart melts at the sight of his beautiful eyes.
  • "Yes, I did. Are you hungry? I'm making you breakfast. It's your favorite," He has a dull smile on his face as he speaks to me. I can see that he's trying to look happy because of me. He's not fine, it's written all over him.
  • "Are you OK?" Worried, I ask him.
  • "Yes, honey. I'm fine. You're still tired from the trip, you should get some rest, OK?" He cups my cheek in his palm and gives me a dull and fake smile. I'm not convinced that he's fine. Did his mom say anything to him?
  • "You don't look like you're OK, babe. What's going on? Why are you sad?" I ask again, and I bet I saw his eyes flicker with tears welling up in them, but he fights them back.
  • "Why are you tearing up? Just talk to me already, you're driving me crazy," I try to force the words out of him.
  • "Who says I'm tearing up? It''s the steam from the food. I... I have been in the kitchen for minutes, and it kinda feels uncomfortable here..." He pauses and scoffs.
  • "I haven't done this before," He confesses to me, but that doesn't convince me that he's saying the truth. Something else is wrong with him, and not this.
  • "Alright..." I nod my head even if I don't believe him.
  • "Come on, go wait for me in the dining. I'll bring the food now," He ruffles my hair playfully, and I nod my head before leaving the kitchen. What's wrong with him?